"Painting is : colors, warmth, life and desire...
put in, put more, remove it... keep it done.

The material to model, become impregnated, impregnate, exagerate, caress it.

Zoomed, transformed, distorted, cut, sticked back, unsticked...

Build, shape, imagine to put question.

I work from my sketches or my photos with the living as my thread. I draw from travel, entertainment, watching the daily and the world of work.

I use various painting techniques depending on the media and the themes used.

A graduate of Fine Arts of Arras in 2000 after a license of History of Arts, Nolwenn Merlet continued her trainning in gilt ornementation and, since 2001, when it is not on her canvas and paper, she works on restoration projects and creation of painted decorations for individuals, businesses and institutions of Historic Monuments in France and abroad. Her personal works are all signed "Nola".